17 July 2007

JCrew Geo Print Skirt

I had been meaning to make the skirt ever since I found this fabric at a Hancock's liquidation sale. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of JCrew (I have no idea why) and I knew it was going to be a skirt.

I did not do any prefitting as I am using a pattern (New Look 6300) that I made a couple of years ago. Since that skirt fit well, I decided to press on with the construction of the next view. When I pin-fit the cut pieces, it looked good to me.

The pattern called for a lapped zipper, which I did on the first version. It came out very well and I am pleased with the result. However, I wanted to try my hand at an invisible zipper. This was my first time inserting one and it took a few tries to get it right. First, I took some scraps of fabric and practiced the technique. The zipper went in like a dream on my first try! I was so excited and pumped up about it that I immediately got started on my fashion fabric. I don't quite remember what happened with my first try there, but I do remember having to pick the stitches and remove the zipper. I also remember having to pick and re-pick several times after that due to silly errors. For example, I inserted the zipper in some way that made the two back pieces really uneven at the waist seam. Then after I corrected that, I inserted one half of the zipper backwards, twice. Frustrated and fed up, I put it down for a day or two, came back to it the next time and finally got it right.

After resolving the zipper issue, I started working on the lining pieces. I decided to line this skirt since the cotton fabric was too thin for my taste. I assembled and inserted the lining using the directions I found on a Threads Website When I first read the instructions, I have to admit that they did not make much sense. But, I followed them anyway because I figured they had to work or else they would not be there! It worked, wonderfully! To finish the skirt, I tacked the lining seam allowance to the zipper tape and serged the bottom of the lining.

I intend to make another version of these skirts. Next time, I will slash and spread the back piece between 1/2 to 1" to accommodate my protruding seat. This skirt seems to hike up a bit once it has settled on my hips. I never noticed the need for this adjustment since my first attempt was a floor length skirt.

This skirt is officially added to my working rotation!


  1. Your skirt looks wonderful! You did a great job on the lining and the invisible zipper!

  2. Your skirt looks great! I am new to this "blogging" and found u via Threads. I teach textiles so have lots of experience of dealing with problems u mention here, because pupils learning, struggle with the same things! I think u have made a very good start to ur life with the sewing machine!! I am really impressed with ur tenacity and long may it continue - u learn more by trial and error sometimes!
    U obviously go on Threads site - another way to learn lots of new skills! - Janet Fletcher

  3. Oh sorry - obviously posted under my husbands "blog" - god I hope I haven't mucked some settings up for him - a little knowledge is very dangerous thing in our household!!

  4. i just had to add this - to check if I can follow what to do to post under my own name!! The thoughts are still mine! - Happy dressmaking (although u obviously are making home decs too!)After nearly 50 yrs of making my own cutains etc. Ive called a halt - much prefer clothing and creative textile stuff - by that i mean using the sewing machine do do free-motion embroidery - not the set stuff done by an impersonal computer designer and sold to people with fancy embroidery machines - just me - no feed up to move fabric - and me drawing with the machine!

  5. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement!

  6. Yes this is me - Janet Fletcher
    Possibly u contact my daughter Kate - greygoat - she is at last beginning to get really into her sewing - she always had great ideas, but wasn't so keen to make using the machines when she was younger!
    Me a typical teacher thought i'd better not push her(she always saw me doing loads of stuff at home) - she'll do it in her own time - and she is!
    Now she's teaching me a lot about internet/blogging/and then hopefully selling on Etsy 'cos i'd like to retire now to JUST make what I want to!
    If u r serious about sewing etc I'm afraid u will have to expect it to become a lifelong passion - in whichever direction it takes u!!
    I hope we can keep chatting and if u ever need practical hints don't be afraid to ask!


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