20 April 2008

Fitting M5471

Lately I have been having the fits with M5471. This garment was *supposed* to be part of my SWAP 2008. Yeah, well, nice going on that one. I managed to get one item finished and have been stuck with this blouse ever since.

The first thing I noticed when I tried it on was that the neckline was WAY too high. The collar bunched up quite uncomfortably at the nape of my neck.

Next, the front is a bit snug as the D-cup size still does not provide enough wearable ease.

The neck-to-waist length is still too long even though I took out 1.25 inches of length.

The shoulder seam is miles away from my shoulder joint (orange dot).

Finally (??), the armhole is too high because I can not comfortably lift my arm without taking the whole right side of the blouse with it.

Wow, so many problems with such a simple blouse. I suspect the source of these problems stems from my decision to start with a size 18 bodice front. I've tried using my HB measurements to determine my start size and found that there were other areas of the blouse that were too small. Clearly, the size 18 is not the way to go. What to do? I have decided to try a combination of sizes. I will cut a size 14 along the shoulders, neck, and armhole on the bodice front and back. I will then morph into a size 16/18 along the side seam starting...under the arm or just below the bust...hmm...not sure about that one.

I am determined to get a blouse out of this pattern. Though I am getting very frustrated, I am not ready to give up yet.

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  1. If the blouse is riding up when you lift your arm, believe it or not, it means the armhole is probably too low. You need more fabric under the arm.

    It may be too late to fix this blouse, but if you plan to make it again, you can add about 1/2" of height on the sleeve, outside the notches, raising the "wings" of the sleeve; and also raise the armhole the same amount. This effectively create a gusset, which will enable you to lift your arms without showing your tummy.

    If your underarm starts to feel too crowded or tight, you can always cut the armhole down bit by bit until it's comfortable.


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