04 May 2008

Mini Wardrobe (Spring 2008)

Life, work, and fit challenges are partly to blame for my inability to complete this year's SWAP on PR. Well, at least that's the excuse I'm going with now. =) This month, PR is hosting a mini wardrobe contest and I am D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D to finish. I know...I know...I say this every time. Really, this time I will do it. My previous attempts certainly did not lack determination. I think my non-sewing life just (in)conveniently carried more weight.

Anyway, the plan is to create four garments: two bottoms and two tops.

The first top is Kwik Sew 2694 View B. I made this top last summer, but the fit was not great. It was my first time working with a knit and the top was entirely too big. Since then, I have learned a great deal through trial and error and a class. I plan to construct the top out of this really nice onion skin.

For the hem finishes, I think a rolled edge maybe with some gold metallic thread will look really nice.

The second top is Christine Jonson 426. I made this top a couple of months ago as part of a class.

I used a medium dense cotton interlock and cut a size large. The top fits great, but is a little dippy in the front. I don't mind it so much, though this is not something I can wear to work. For the wardrobe, I want to make the same top again using this criss-cross knit jersey. This time I will cut a medium since this material has considerably more stretch than the cotton interlock.

The first bottom will be made from a pseudo tried-n-true pattern, Simplicity 5259 View F. I say it is pseudo TNT because a recent muslin fitting showed me that it does not fit like it used to! I made a couple of versions of this skirt before (about 3-4 years ago), starting with a size 18. When I sewed it up, the 18 ended up being way too large. Taking a larger seam allowance was the easy remedy. I made a quick muslin just to check the fit and whoa! The 18 is almost tight! When the hell did that happen?! Ugh. More on re-fitting this puppy in a later post... I plan to make View F out of a dark tan stretch twill. Hopefully the stretch of the fabric will give me some relief!

Finally for the second bottom I will use a TNT pants pattern, Vogue 8157 View B. I made three pairs of these pants so far and am pretty comfortable with the construction. The fabric I want to use doesn't appear to have quite the same stretch as the previous pairs. So, I think the fit will definitely be different. I will use a striped stretch twill:

Based on the current pattern layout, it appears as if I will have enough of this fabric to squeeze out another pencil skirt. So if I have time, I will make another version of S5259 but view D instead. I do not know how the split will look with the stripes.

I am really excited about these four garments. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should be able to get these done. Also, I have found some wonderful sewing buddies, Melody and Elnora. Sewing with them has been so rewarding and productive. Thanks ladies! RSH =)

Ok. It's time for me to make some progress on these garments. I am going to finish up a project I started a couple of weeks ago, NL 6729. I started this because I was getting frustrated with fitting M5471 and I needed to feel some success. =) I traced new pattern pieces for M 5471 and performed a full bust adjustment. I already cut the pieces out of muslin and need to sew it up.

Until next time...L8A!

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