22 May 2008

Mini Wardrobe: Update

I've made some changes to my mini wardrobe plan. Since this is my first time working with a very stretchy knit, I decided to make a muslin out of the same fabric with a different print. It turns out that I really like the muslin and will now include it as part of my wardrobe. So, the criss-cross knit is out, for now. Also, time is running out if I am to submit my entry by 31 May. I still intend to make the pants, but it won't happen before next Saturday. Besides, lately I have been feeling quite ill and have not had much energy to do any sewing.

So, here is my new mini wardrobe plan:

As stated, I finished the black floral print top and will write details of its construction soon. I am still working on the pencil skirt (stinkin' zipper issues), but should finish rather quickly - provided that I feel better.


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