05 May 2008

Update: Fitting M5471

UGH! Yep, it went just like that. I sewed the new muslin of M5471 today and boy does it NOT fit. I traced a size 14 at the shoulder, neck, armscye, and up to just above the waist. From this point on, I morphed into a size 18. When I tried on the muslin, the center front was about 2.5" off! I would post pictures...but...yeah...gonna leave that one alone. =)

My sewing buddy Melody suggested that I add about 0.5" to both the side front and front pieces to see if that gives me the width that I so desperately need. So, after quite a disappointing session with this blouse, I will again put it down for a few days and rejuvenate my interest by sewing something else.


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