13 January 2009

KwikSew 3620 & SWAP Update

KS3620 Update:

On Saturday, I made some changes to the KS3620 pattern. As stated before, I decided to try to add width to the bust area only by drawing a big box around the bust dart (including some of the armscye) and moved it out 5/8" to add the necessary 1 1/4" across the bust. Here is a picture of the pattern after the adjustment:

The good thing is that the centers front now meet. The bad thing is the extra width added more fabric under the arm:

Here are some thoughts:

o The pattern only has 1/4" seams. Since I only set one of the sleeves, I could set the other sleeve with a larger seam allowance and see if that eats of some of the extra fabric.
o I could try to dart out the extra fabric on the bodice front in the armscye.
o I could take off some of the armhole length and taper to nothing at the dart (drawn on the pattern piece in the first picture).
o I could...um...hmm...I don't know. What else could I do? Grin

What do you think?

Capsule Update:

I've made some changes/additions to the plan.

o Instead of sewing Burda 7745, I am going to make Burda 8280. I think this pattern lends itself more to the dark chocolate microsuede that I want to use. The fabric is not terribly stiff, but it doesn't drape too well.

o I would still like to use V8120, but I think it is better suited for the light chocolate wool solid. I can envision piping along the seams too.

o I am planning to add Burda 7892 in a soft rayon/lycra jersey knit.

I'll update the storyboard...one day. =)


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  1. I was inspired by your posting on Pattern Review. If I had a terrible teacher that would have been it for me. I had a wonderful older woman teach me to sew. I am sure you will work out your fitting issues and love the clothes you make! Mary Pat


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