03 January 2009

Sewing Goals for 2009

I am not one to normally make resolutions. I do, however, have some sewing goals that I would like meet this year. They are as follows:

1. Update my wardrobe. My working wardrobe is desperately out of date and in poor fit. I would like my working wardrobe to reflect a more business casual flavour. Right now, I have lots of jeans, shirts, and corduroy jackets. Yeah, not good. I also want my wardrobe to be more feminine-looking. I plan to sew more skirts with interesting details as well as frilly-type shirts.

2. Make a good fitting woven blouse. This has been the bane of my sewing existence. I have tried, and tried, and tried some more to get the fit of a simple blouse right. No deal. I worked with McCall's 5417, Simplicity 4077, and more recently McCall's 5522. I have two slopers: one draped on my body from scratch, and one tissue-fitted from McCall's 2718. Still, no deal. Damn it! I have still not given up, though frustration makes me take more frequent, lengthy sewing breaks. I have some new ideas for McCall's 5522, but I am going to put that on hold for a while so that I can rebuild my sewing confidence. Aaah...I see another pair of pants in the making...

3. Purge unwanted patterns and fabric. I have developed a better sense of the styles and fabrics that look better on me. I have yards of 'Aw, hell no! I know I didn' buy this!' type of fabric and patterns. After studying some styles for petites and such, I realize that some patterns and fabric are just not flattering on me. Perhaps they will find new homes for people whose styles and likenesses are more accommodating. As for me...no deal. =)

Make a coat. This goal sort of stems from the 'update my wardrobe' goal. The coats I have now are puffer coats; big goose-down, unshapely coats. They are plenty warm, but not stylish. I would like to have a nice, well-crafted wool coat that has some styling to it. On those 30-degree MI days, this coat would be perfect. On those Arctic-Canadian bone chilling-windy-single digit days, I'm breakin' out the goose-down! No time to look cute. Can't look cute with frostbite. =)

5. Sew with a plan regularly. No more singletons in the closet.
In the past, I picked patterns and fabric because I liked it. There's nothing wrong with this at all. In fact, I still do the same. The difference is I have become more aware of what styles and fabrics coordinate with clothing that I already have. I plan to develop a number of colour schemes that I like and sew garments using those primary colours. For example, my current plan is to sew a wardrobe of eleven garments using variations of the colours brown, pink, cream, and white. For my next capsule, I plan to use variations of the colours black, grey, white, and red. Sewing with a plan excites me and actually helps me to avoid the stray singleton that lurks in the closet.

I'll have more details on the first capsule coming soon. I have been in the process of gathering patterns, fabric, and ideas in order to make the storyboard. The capsule contains some woven blouses on which fit is a necessity. I will settle for moderate to good fit at this point!



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  1. I love your sewing goals. They show that you are maturing in your sewing...I will be watching this year to see how your sewing progresses.

    As for the woven shirt pattern - it took 5 patterns before I came up with the tnt pattern for my twinset! FIVE! So keep at it, when the right one comes along you can use it over and over and forever and ever!!!


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