14 April 2009

Look Ma, it Fits! (Mini-Update)

I am still working on getting that woven blouse to fit. I have been really busy and short on time to post Part II of this series. I have made significant progress and hope to get some details up soon. School is almost over and I will have more time to devote to this project.

In the meantime, below is a quick summary of what's to come in Parts II and III. I'll discuss:
  • reasons why I chose to tackle McCall's 5522
  • how I made the FBA on the front pattern piece
  • how sewing the same pattern with some of my sewing friends has provided wonderful enlightenment and many a-ha moments
  • revelations about how fitting sleeves is just a pain in the *ss and reasons why this blouse is on its way to becoming sleeveless =)
Until next time,



  1. Congrat on fitting your blouse. I truely understand about fitting the arm. Although I have had some success in fitting my arms, it's proven to be my greatest challenge so far.

  2. You should get the DVD "Full Busted Sew clothes that fit" by Palmer & Pletsch. All three of my daughters and myself are large busted and it helped me so much. You start with a smaller size pattern so the neck and armholes fit and then you add for the full bust. It works so good. It's only $19.95 so not to expensive. Good luck. Enjoy your blog.


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