29 August 2009

Other Passions: Skating

In addition to sewing, I have other creative passions: roller skating, jewelry-making, ceramics, and painting. First, my absolute must-do:

Roller Skating (All skate. Roll, bounce.)

I have been roller skating for nearly 29 years. My first experience on skates was at a school field trip to the now defunct (and demolished) Wheels Roller Rink on 8 Mile in Detroit. I was in kindergarten and distinctly remember falling every time. It was also the first memory of physical body pain that I had.

My first pair of skates were bought at Kmart and were white with blue wheels. I wore them for about 4 or 5 years. My second pair of skates, also purchased from Kmart, were white with hot pink wheels. They were made by Roller Derby - a name brand in skates (so I thought...). I wore those joints until December of last year. Yes. You read that right. I have been skating on the same skates for over 20 years. This might sound like a wondrous feat. Let me tell you. It isn't! I did not realize how bad those skates were until I got some new ones! First, the boot is vinyl and was hard to break in. The plate is stationary - which makes movement very difficult. The wheels are made of rubber and have ridges. This is not good because the wheels grip the rink like mad! The bearings were old, dry, and fuzzy with lint. Bad bearings do not allow the wheels to turn at will. This means that you put a lot of unnecessary energy into moving.

I finally broke down and got new skates when I realized how bad I was damaging my knees. One day in December, I was at the rink for about an hour and had to leave. My knees were SOOO sore, I could barely walk. It was time. People at the rink kept telling me that my skates needed to be retired. They were so right.

Old and Busted

New Hotness

Here are the specs:
  • Fomac Premier wheels (REALLLY slippery. They grip nothing! I can slide on carpet.)
  • China Bones bearings (wheels keep spinning around and around and around...)
  • SureGrip Classic plate (non-stationary and allows for movement)
  • Leather Riedell boot (supple leather...mmmmmm....very easy to break in and I wear a thinpair of socks)
I freakin' LOVE these skates. It took me a few weeks to get used to the fact that they are really slippery. Yes, I fell...a few times. These skates are a HUGE improvement from the old. It felt as if I had to learn to skate all over again.

Skating is my passion and I skate at least twice per week. It's great exercise and loads of fun.



  1. See, maybe i'm strange, but I would want the skates that grip everything. I'd be too scared that I would skate so fast that I would fly through a wall. Think Goofy leaving his body silhouette in the wall as he crashes through...lol

  2. Slippery wheels definitely have their disadvantages. Back in May, I was approaching a turn and saw this guy on my left. I thought that he would stay in his "lane" and that I would be able to go around him. At the last minute, he darted in front of me and because I was going really fast, I couldn't stop in time. I slid into the rails, and crashed my right knee into a metal pole. So. Much. Pain! He apologized profusely, but I was in so much pain I almost threw up. My knee is still tender from that incident!


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