31 August 2009

Other Passions: Painting

I've always wanted to take a painting class and for the first time I finally did it. Even though I like my pieces, I was not terribly impressed with the course instruction. I expected to learn about techniques to painting. The instructor was nice and supportive, but left everyone to do what they wanted. This method of teaching works for some people, but not for me. I need structure and basics. Once I know what I'm doing, then let me explore. "Paint what you want." Um. Okay. That works on walls, not canvas. Though I will not take another class with this instructor or at this school, I will continue to "explore" for free at home. I have a couple of canvases, tubes of acrylic paint, and an easel. When the mood is right, I'll pick up a brush.



  1. Dito on your paintings! YES, please plan on joining for the Spring Month of tops sew-along. It will start on April 1st.

  2. Hey Lynnelle, for December I was thinking about trying to get a couple of suits made. (pants or skirts with matching jackets) I still need to go back and make the skirt to my chanel jacket. But if you will start the sew a long up, I will certainely join. I need pants too. OR if you like you and I could do it together. Let me know...my email: fayedoll@cox.net.


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