06 January 2010

2010 Sewing Intentions

Merry New Year!

In a conversation with a dear friend earlier today, we talked about resolutions and goals. She mentioned that instead of making new year's resolutions, she makes intentions instead. To me, the word 'resolution' sounds so formal and binding. Besides, the only NY resolution I made was to never make another one. So far, so good. =)

Anyway, I do have some sewing intentions that I will work toward this year:

1. Fit a woven blouse. This feat is always at the top of any list I make. I have struggled for some time now, yet I refuse to give up. I have some new ideas that I plan to try, so I am optimistic.

2. Find new homes for more of my stash. Though last year was a good sewing year for me, I bought way more fabric than I sewed. There are about five boxes of fabric that I no longer love and need to let go.

3. Sew more from the stash.

4. Make a coat.

5. Make 4-garment wardrobe capsules. I participated in the 10-garment wardrobe contest on PR this year. Even though that was a great and rewarding experience, it was very tiring and I ended up losing steam near the end. Four garments is manageable. Plus, I can quickly build up a wardrobe by using one piece of a capsule as the anchor to the next capsule.

6. Learn how to do collars and collar stands. This goes hand-in-hand with the fitted blouse thing.

7. Make more dresses!

What are your intentions?


  1. Great intentions plan. I like intentions too, resolutions are actually intentions.

  2. I like intentions. Sounds like if I mess up, I haven't broken some type of vow and then I don't have to label myself as a failure.

  3. Mine are pretty much all of yours, and a few more - they're all in my last blog post of 2009, I think. I don't get terribly hung up over keeping resolutions, or intentions, or goals because I usually set so many that SOMETHING has to be forgone. :)

    (And that no-fabric-buying one was just plain stupid...)

  4. I like all of your intentions - good luck!

  5. My family says "Merry New Year!" after Trading Places with Eddie Murphy. lol.

    Thanks for telling me about the PR star. I didn't notice until you mentioned it.


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