03 March 2010

No Sewjo

It's sunny outside. I'm on spring break (finally). I feel rested and am almost caught up on grading. So, why am I not sewing? No sewjo. Yep. My sewjo is ghost. Nada. Incognito.

I have many projects in queue. I am inspired by other people's creations. I even worked out the fit issues in my vest. But I can't get to my sewing room. Hmf.

How do you get your sewjo back?



  1. Start with a simple project, which always work for me.

  2. Mine rarely goes but when it does, I just let it take a break. Sewing shouldn't be forced.

  3. I don't remember how to get my Sewjo back. It's been too darn cold.

    I think it's done one minute at a time. Does that help?

  4. This is such a great question because I think it happens to everyone. What I do is make a small project intended as a gift for someone I appreciate. So far it works every time!


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