27 August 2010

As If I Don't Already Have Enough To Do...

I have two skirts in the works, a cardi wrap, and two muslins for a knit and woven top. To add to that, I have now decided to join the Lady Grey Pattern Sew Along after reading Faye's latest post. I've had this pattern for a couple of months and just adore everything about it. The vintage vibe missed me, but this coat beckons me to make it. If I am able to finish the coat during the sew along, then that's great. Otherwise, it will be good to see everyone's progress and creations.

Are you participating in any sew alongs and if so, which ones?



  1. Girl we ca do this!!! I need to start searching for fabric for it. I just adore the white one on the pattern, but do I dare make a white coat? I've joined, but I won't pressure myself. I can't wait to get the pattern so I can read the instructions.


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