19 August 2010

No Sewing or Typing...

What do you get when you mix scolding hot liquid and human skin?

...and a string of words that would make Richard Pryor blush.

I was preparing this yummy lentil and pan-fry vegetable mix for lunch earlier today. Since the recipe calls for vegetable stock, I decide to make my own. I've done this a number of times for soups and other meals, so it was no big deal. My intention was to make a couple of quarts of stock today and freeze what's left for another meal. When I went to pour the stock into another dish, I lost my grip on the pot of fresh-off-the-burner liquid and...SPLASH! There is vegetable juice everywhere including my left hand. Sigh. A trip to the urgent care revealed that I may have a 1st or 2nd degree burn. If my hand doesn't start to blister, then I likely have a 1st degree burn and it should heal normally. In the meantime, I have to apply an ointment 3 times per day and keep my hand wrapped in gauze. So...um...yeah...no sewing going on for now.

I will finish the dish later today...maybe. =)



  1. Ouch! I thought it was bad when I nearly sliced my finger off a few weeks ago but it is already healed. I hope you're as lucky. Take care of yourself because you know you have got to get your sew on!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry that that happened to you. Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Ouchie! Between your ankle and now your hand, you seem to be having some problems over there. Perhaps you should just hire a maid to do all your cooking and cleaning...?


  4. Oh my gosh! Sorry about your hand! Hope it heals quickly...

  5. Sorry to hear that Lynnelle. I pray for a speedy recovery.


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