26 December 2010

Sewing Year in Review

It's that time to reflect on my sewing adventures over the past year. Having sewn for almost seven years now, I can say that my skill and technique has improved - along with my patience and speed in which I recover from epic sewing failures. On with the summary...


I sewed a total of 21 wearable garments ranging in a variety of fibers and weaves. Alas, the fitted woven blouse is still a challenge, but I have confidence that success is near! I made:
  • 3 toppers: Simplicity 2603, Simplicity 2560 (x2)
  • 2 dresses: Simplicity 2648, Simplicity 2804
  • 10 tops: Simplicity 2804, Kwik Sew 3179, Butterick 5355, Simplicity 2599 (x2), Kwik Sew 2667 (x2), Jalie 965 (x2), Jalie 2805
  • 3 pairs of pants: Jalie 2908 (x2), Simplicity 2860
  • 3 skirts: McCall's 5523, New Look 6300 (x2)
I wrote reviews for about half of these garments on Pattern Review. I have a review for the jeans (woo hoo!) in progress; I have to get pictures of the second pair. I should be able to post it soon.

Failures/Wadders/Garments yet to be:

Looking at my list, one may think that I hardly sew. That isn't the case, trust! Because I am trying to find my fit-niche, I spend a lot of time working on muslins. Having taken a quick look at my digital archive of patterns, I found that I tested at least 26 patterns. 26! 4 of these tests became garments on the 'successes' list. The other 22...well...are either in a landfill or awaiting further testing.

2011 Intentions:

  • I intend to continue working on fitting and honing my sewing skill. I am starting off the year by taking an eight-week bodice sloper class. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some significant headway in that area of sewing.
  • Then I would like to refine the fit of my pants sloper so that I can make some pants to go along with these kick-ass fitted blouses.
  • I intend to develop a wardrobe that better reflects me, my age, profession, and lifestyle. Though I do not follow trends, I desire to add pieces that are casual, chic, and feminine. I own too much denim and not enough silk
  • Finally, I intend to pare down the amount of fabric I buy and sew much more from my stash. I have A LOT of fabric. Too much, really. I am not going on a fabric fast, just being a lot more mindful of what I buy, when, and why.
That's it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! Be well.



  1. Good luck with your '11 fabric fast! I'm not going to make any promises in that area (lol). I don't think my stash is that large but others tend to differ with me. I just brought in 6 pieces yesterday, but I certainly didn't get 6 garments made from my stash this month. At this rate I'll really be swimming in fabric before too long.

    Your 21 pieces are impressive. That's almost 2 projects per month. I haven't summarized my output for the year yet, but know that it is far below previous years. Wishing you much sewing success in the new year.

  2. Lynn were are you taking the sloper class? Sounds really interesting. The wardrobe sound interesting. I'll keep watching to see what you come up with.


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