23 March 2010

Sewing Stalled

I seem to be writing about what I am not sewing than what I am sewing. I've run into yet another stump - this time work and life related. I have done work at home every day of the week - except Saturday. I absolutely refused. I had a long list of things to do and I intentionally set Saturday as a day to do n'er one thing work related. And I didn't. I went to my ceramics class, came home and slept.

The life drama is (and has been for a while) quite a time, energy, and emotions hog. Today, I thought I was going to make a bit of headway. Nope. Gotta wait until the end of next month. Sigh. So, on goes the anxiety. At least school will be over by then.

As for sewing? I have lots of ideas and am excited about upcoming projects. I stopped working on the vest. It looks good, but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I really loved how it looked and fit before I put on the facing. But afterward? Meh.

I read on Susan's (knittersdelight) blog that she, too, has projects that she sets aside. I used to feel really guilty about having UFOs. You know...all the time, energy, and materials invested in a project that goes nowhere. But now I realize that working on a project that yielded no inspiration oftentimes sunk my sew-jo. So, why not put it aside and start something else? So, that's what I did.

I cut and altered a blouse pattern (M6035). The front actually looks really good, sans sleeves. I've pinned in one sleeve and when I get a moment (like Sunday or something), I'll actually sew it in.

Wow, this post was all over the place. =)

Have a great day everyone!


07 March 2010

Progress: S2556

My sewjo is back. It figures. My sewjo shows up when it's time for me to return to work. Anyway...

I started working on my Simplicity vest. The muslin looked great with the exception of a little gaping on the upper back piece. To remedy this, I shortened the piece 5/8" and added back about 1/2" at the bottom of the piece. I figured I needed the length, but not in the upper back area.

Unfortunately, I don't know if this was the right thing to do. Upon attaching the front and back at the shoulder, I noticed that the shoulder seam sits back further than it should. I suppose I could take a smaller seam allowance on the shoulder, but judging by how far off this appears, I don't know if the smaller SA will be enough.

In any event, the construction is coming along quite well. All I have to do is complete and attach the lining.

Pictures are forthcoming...

Be well!


06 March 2010

I Think I Know What Tanked My Sewjo

Early last year, I cut out yards upon yards of fabric to make some tab-topped panels for my bedroom. Using this really nice creme-coloured cotton drapery-weight fabric, I began construction sometime last year. Fast forward to now, I decided to finish the curtains and hang them up.

Hold up. Wait. Not all cremes are the same. This creme has a LOT of red in it - so much so that when I hung the first curtain, an eerie (read ugly) pink hue came through from the bright sunlight. Yuck. I stared at it and tried to like it. I did not and still do not. I'm not a pink person. I can take shades of pink in small quantities and that is all. Having this hue in my place of rest is not going to work. Sigh.

So, that's it. These stupid curtains tanked my sewjo. I was so disappointed because I spent a lot of time finishing and sewing these long (and I mean long) ass seams. I spent even more time measuring, cutting, and sewing the tab tops and finishing the hems.

Man, why can't creme be a universal colour?? Sigh.

One panel is from a pair of curtains I bought many years ago. The other is one I made. Can you spot the pink panel?

My solution? I went shopping. I was NOT going to start over. Nope. Not even. I know I can make curtains. I've made the curtains in every room in my house. I don't have to make these. I went to IKEA and found what I was looking for: four super long CREME tab-topped panels. Aaah, joy. I have to admit thatwhen I first looked at the package, I was miffed that the hem wasn't finished. I thought for &*$%'s sake, can't they FINISH the freakin' edges?! Then, upon further inspection I noticed that there was a package of hem tape and instructions on how to customize the finished length. Heh. Sweet. Now I have some extra hem tape too. I will hang one curtain, measure the length and topstitch it.

I feel motivated to do some sewing. I spent some time with my friend Melody yesterday and I cut out the fabric, lining, and interfacing for my vest. I hope to get that finished this weekend.


03 March 2010

No Sewjo

It's sunny outside. I'm on spring break (finally). I feel rested and am almost caught up on grading. So, why am I not sewing? No sewjo. Yep. My sewjo is ghost. Nada. Incognito.

I have many projects in queue. I am inspired by other people's creations. I even worked out the fit issues in my vest. But I can't get to my sewing room. Hmf.

How do you get your sewjo back?



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