26 December 2010

Sewing Year in Review

It's that time to reflect on my sewing adventures over the past year. Having sewn for almost seven years now, I can say that my skill and technique has improved - along with my patience and speed in which I recover from epic sewing failures. On with the summary...


I sewed a total of 21 wearable garments ranging in a variety of fibers and weaves. Alas, the fitted woven blouse is still a challenge, but I have confidence that success is near! I made:
  • 3 toppers: Simplicity 2603, Simplicity 2560 (x2)
  • 2 dresses: Simplicity 2648, Simplicity 2804
  • 10 tops: Simplicity 2804, Kwik Sew 3179, Butterick 5355, Simplicity 2599 (x2), Kwik Sew 2667 (x2), Jalie 965 (x2), Jalie 2805
  • 3 pairs of pants: Jalie 2908 (x2), Simplicity 2860
  • 3 skirts: McCall's 5523, New Look 6300 (x2)
I wrote reviews for about half of these garments on Pattern Review. I have a review for the jeans (woo hoo!) in progress; I have to get pictures of the second pair. I should be able to post it soon.

Failures/Wadders/Garments yet to be:

Looking at my list, one may think that I hardly sew. That isn't the case, trust! Because I am trying to find my fit-niche, I spend a lot of time working on muslins. Having taken a quick look at my digital archive of patterns, I found that I tested at least 26 patterns. 26! 4 of these tests became garments on the 'successes' list. The other 22...well...are either in a landfill or awaiting further testing.

2011 Intentions:

  • I intend to continue working on fitting and honing my sewing skill. I am starting off the year by taking an eight-week bodice sloper class. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some significant headway in that area of sewing.
  • Then I would like to refine the fit of my pants sloper so that I can make some pants to go along with these kick-ass fitted blouses.
  • I intend to develop a wardrobe that better reflects me, my age, profession, and lifestyle. Though I do not follow trends, I desire to add pieces that are casual, chic, and feminine. I own too much denim and not enough silk
  • Finally, I intend to pare down the amount of fabric I buy and sew much more from my stash. I have A LOT of fabric. Too much, really. I am not going on a fabric fast, just being a lot more mindful of what I buy, when, and why.
That's it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! Be well.


20 December 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em... & Quick Update

Long time, no post. I have lots to update since my last visit. The end of the semester is always hectic and when coupled with lots of other issues, blogging and sewing unfortunately take a back seat. Many thanks to Faye for checking up on me. I am genuinely touched by your concern. *hugs* Now that I am on break (hallelujah!), hopefully I can post more often.

I did make some progress on the sequin top. The last time I worked on this top, I was having problems getting the strand of sequins to lie in a straight line. While shopping at what may be my last trip to JoAnn's (grr...that's whole 'nother issue...), I found some sequin trim that intentionally incorporates the wiggles. So, instead of

I have

I like this look much better than the last. I have more sequin trim to adorn other garments. A couple of months ago, I made another DKNY cardi-wrap using Simplicity 2603. I plan to knock-off her idea by adding sequined trim along the hemline. If all goes well, I will have one that looks like the gray version.

Coming up next on Project YS, G!, I made jeans! Woot! My first pair fit wonderfully, but have many errors - some of which that became painfully obvious after the first wash. I am currently working on my second pair which are much better constructed. I hope to post pictures soon. I also intend to do a small year-end review of my 2010 sewing adventure.

I hope everyone has been well. Enjoy!



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