13 February 2011

What the Hell?

I know I'm supposed to be talking about the last two days of developing my bodice sloper, but as the process has come to a grinding halt (details to follow later), I will write about something else.

The Grammy Awards are tonight. I haven't watched any award show since...what...eighth grade? I am simply not interested. In surfing the web, I came across a site that has pictures of what some of the attendants are wearing. Okay, I get it. You desire to be "out there" with your look. Lady Gaga (who the hell is that?) arrives in an egg. News Flash: It's been done already. Michael Jackson slept in an oxygen chamber or incubator or something. Get a new gig, gaga.

What is this??!

Um. No.

I don't know who you are, but honey, you need a bodice sloper in the worst way. A little spanx, boning, or a new dress might help.



  1. Oh...wow. Really? Who IS that? Damn.

  2. Lynnelle, I think that IS boned, but the corset top is so ill-fitted ... major top spillover! That's a steel Victorian style busk on the front.

  3. This is a disaster...lol. The corset is not even her size..The boobs are just everywhere...Rubbish....

  4. Mmmm. Not sure she's a she! Somethings seems a bit off. Not just the outfit.

  5. I think this is a man. She certainly looks like a man with a horrible fitting outfit. The shoes are too small for his feet.

  6. Okay you know the point is to either look classy and elegant or as over the top as you can get. This is over the top at its best! ROTFLOL! Somehow I missed this one...E's red carpet let me down! *LOL*


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