10 March 2011

When I say "tentative," I really mean it.

You know that wardrobe plan I posted, what, five days ago? It's on hold for now. It wasn't the colour scheme or fit that stumped me. It wasn't a faulty needle, bad interfacing, or even loss of interest. I really like the colours and fully intend to make these clothes. Want to know what tanked the plan? Not enough freakin' fabric to make the jacket! Grr... I tried several different layouts and just could not get it to work. The picture below shows the best possible layout.

The empty space is needed for the front facing. The side front piece pictured on the lower right side is just barely hanging on. I don't have enough fabric to cut out the under collar and back neck facing. There were two other pieces left, but I knew I could cut those out in a single layer. I even contemplated cutting the under collar and back neck facing out of a different fabric since no one will really be able to see it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a fabric with the right amount of stretch (mine is a stretch cotton pique) or in a colour that was close to my fabric.

Since I want to enter the contest, I decided to forgo any further searching and move on to plan B. The garments in the next plan were on my summer sewing list anyway.

(click image to enlarge)

The patterns are:
The motivation for this plan stems from an outing with my friends, Stephanie and Melody. One day, we met for breakfast and walked the mall afterward. During our walk, we stopped in Chico's where I saw this look. It is a simple sack dress with a zipper-front denim jacket and belt. Once I found the Butterick pattern, I knew this outfit would be in my closet this Spring!

Even though this is a complete change in plan, I think I am making good progress. I already traced, cut, and sewed a muslin of the jacket, V1036.

I cut and sewed a straight size E and find the fit to be wonderful! The sleeve cap did not have a lot of ease and pretty much eased itself with basting stitches. Before I cut into my fashion fabric, I am going to sew a quick muslin of the dress to see if the jacket hits me where I want it.

If I work really hard and plan some sewing each day, I should be able to finish the jacket and the rest of the garments by the end of the contest. The jacket is the only garment that will take the longest to make. I've made the skirt and tank top before and the knit cardigan shouldn't be that difficult.

I'll post my progress as I forge ahead!


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