11 June 2011

Almost Finished with M5847

I am about 80% done with the shirt dress. I need to bind the armholes, topstitch the front and collar, work the buttonholes, and sew on the buttons. Hmm...make that 70% done...

I decided to go with the light gold/brown topstitching thread. Finding the ideal buttons is another thing. I went to a local craft store and found great buttons - but they were not machine washable. The assistant suggested that I hand-wash the garment. Yeah, that's not happening. I should be able to find something at JoAnn's 50% off sale this Sunday.

The most annoying part of sewing this dress involved slipstitching the facings. I can tolerate slipstitching small areas, but not the entire vertical length of a dress...twice...plus the collar and shoulders. My middle finger still hurts; there must be a better way. I'm thinking that I can postpone topstitching the princess seams until after the facing is sewn. That way, I can tack the facings down and topstitch all in one shot. I'll have to think about it more...

While I'm sure I can improve the fit, I'm not going to tinker with this dress any longer. Since I will likely sew it again, I will make the necessary adjustments in the next version. In fact, I've got an idea for the second version that I'm going to keep on lock for now. I don't want to get all excited only to have an epic fail in the end. =)

More dresses
Trinicity's dresses and Faye's sew along have really inspired me to sew more dresses. I have several in queue that I hope to sew before summer's end.

I'm jumping on the Donna Karan bandwagon with V1250 and V1220.

I tried on a version of this dress at Christine Jonson's open house.
It fit rather well with only a few minor adjustments needed.

McCall's 6279

Simplcity 2406

McCall's 5752

That's all for now. Until next time, be well!



  1. Your dress is looking good so far! I'm going to make myself one of these sooner or later. The current Ottobre woman had one I really liked, I might get to that soon. However, currently i'm working on what i'm now calling the 'sack series'. Dresses with no shape, apparenlty. I'm getting ready to start my third one. Then I think i'm going to retire the series. :/

  2. Thank you! The pattern is a very old one - McCall's 8253 OOP. I found it at a flea market store last year.


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