02 July 2011

Progress Update: M5847, version 2

This dress is still not finished. I worked on it for a bit on Monday, but have hit a roadblock. I know what it is, too. It's all the slipstitching that I need to do. Because I had a mishap in cutting the facings, I couldn't use my idea of using topstitching to secure them and I haven't been motivated to sit down and do it by hand. Ugh. Soooo close.

The big secret-secret was really not that big of a deal. =) After completing the first version of this dress, I thought that the side front, side back, and back panels looked a little wide. So, I made extra seams by splitting each of these panels into two pieces.

The topstitching along each seam follows the curve of the dress nicely.

I found a fix for my facing problem. In this post, I mentioned how I neglected to cut out the facings. By the time I realized it, I didn't have enough fabric to cut the facings in full length. I managed to squeak out just enough to catch the roll of the collar.

Next, I added length using a double piece of cotton broadcloth from the stash. A single ply of broadcloth wasn't heavy enough and would have made the front of the dress drape differently. Even though two plies isn't quite the same weight as the denim, it is heavy enough to provide necessary structure and from the front, you can't really tell the difference.

I used A LOT of steam, heat, and a couple of pounds from the clapper to make sure the seam joining the top and the bottom was perfectly flat.

Finally, to make sure that the fix doesn't shift while sewing, I hand-basted the piece together.

Here is a picture of the fully interfaced facing.

Now, I just need to FINISH the dress!!



  1. I love the topstitching! Your dress is going to look great when it is all done. Great work, and great save with the facings.

  2. Lookin' good--you're almost there! On the home stretch!!


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