22 July 2011

On the Grid & New Look 6274

I'm back on the grid after having a small electrical issue (read: none). We had storms roll through on Monday and the local substation was taken out. Unfortunately, this meant I had to empty the refrigerator of all things rendered inedible. I washed out the fridge top and bottom (saw this as the perfect time since it was practically empty ), and cleaned up the melted mess that used to be ice that had dripped down to the basement. With the AC running, I am getting the house (and me!) cooled off.

The local power company worked day and night in the blistering heat to help return things to normal. Sure, it was an inconvenience for a few days, but it wasn't the end. I try not to complain about things like this. It happens. I know there are people in the world that have experiences FAR worse than this on a daily basis. I am grateful that I have a home to go to and friends willing to help out. On to sewing...

I'm almost finished with NL6274. Besides hemming both the shell and lining, I have to unpick part of the waist to take a bigger seam allowance. I tried the skirt on before inserting the lining and saw that it was too big. I sewed larger darts, but apparently it wasn't enough. I can almost slip the skirt off without unzipping. O_o I'm guessing the fabric stretched along the waist or something. I checked the pattern pieces against the last skirt I made (NL6897) and this pattern seems a tad bit smaller. Go figure.

I'm in the process of writing up posts of how I installed the invisible zipper, lining, and petersham waist. The plan is to write up each segment in a separate post, with pictures. Yeah...that's the plan. LOL

Until then, be well!


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