18 July 2011

Summer 6PAC: Update

I wore my outfit to a doctor's appointment and other errands today. This was SOOOO comfortable to wear.

I had to make some changes to the Summer 6PAC. Once again, I didn't have enough fabric to cut out the jacket (what gives?!). Here's the updated list and progress.
  1. black denim jeans (Jalie 2908) - done
  2. dark gray darted blouse (Vogue 7903) - cut out
  3. white cotton pintuck blouse (Simplicity 2365)
  4. yellow knit cardigan (Simplicity 2424)
  5. cream slinky cowl neck top (McCall's 6078) - done
  6. gray linen skirt with flounce (New Look 6897) - done
I cut out another skirt, but it's wool and for my transition to the Fall 6PAC. I plan to post a small tutorial on how I sewed the skirt with lining and a ribbon-faced waist while the techniques are fresh in my mind. =)

Until next time,



  1. You look great in your new outfit. Love the idea of the summer 6 pack. Mmmmmmmmmmm might be a great idea for my next sew a long challenge.

  2. Lovely outfit...You look great

  3. I *have* to make that skirt; it is awesome!
    You were lookin' great for your doctor appt! Sorry to hear you are having some issues too but I hope they are resolved soon. I'm sending you healing energy!!

  4. Such a neat idea to create a summer capsule. Love this outfit and the belt you chose.


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