31 July 2011

Summer 6PAC: Update

I had to scrap one of the tops (V7903) for my summer 6PAC. Sometimes garments just don't work out - despite how the muslin fits. I really had high hopes for this since it would have been my first decent fitting button-up blouse. Alas, the quest continues...

Anyway, here's the ever-changing updated list and progress so far:

  1. black denim jeans (Jalie 2908) - done
  2. dark gray darted blouse (Vogue 7903)
  3. light yellow polka dot voile pintuck blouse (Simplicity 2365) - 80%
  4. yellow knit cardigan (Simplicity 2424)
  5. cream slinky cowl neck top (McCall's 6078) - done
  6. gray linen skirt with flounce (New Look 6897) - done
Although I'm almost finished with polka dot pintuck blouse, this project has not gone without its share of un-sewing and do-overs.


My machine perfectly stitched a buttonhole and then completely messed up the other buttonhole so many times that I lost count. I had to cut the tab and interfacing out three times before my machine finally decided to get with it.

Also, I don't know what I did wrong when sewing the other half of the collar stand. Aside from the topstitching (which can be fixed), see how nice the stand is on the left (garment right) side?

Da hell?! I have sewed and unpicked that other side so many times. I just can't get the curve to behave the same way. I notched the inner curve and took my time sewing it to the neckline. Does anyone have any tips on sewing collar bands?? Please, share! As soon as I get this together, all I need to do is set in the sleeves and sew the hem.

As for the failed blouse, I might replace it with another version of Simplicity 2614. I have plenty of the dark gray fabric. I just have to decide if I want it bad enough to start now or focus on sewing the fall 6PAC.

Speaking of which...

As I said before, the fall 6 (more like 10) PAC will be an extension of the summer plan in that I will incorporate the same colours (and garments) in the new plan. Here are the fabrics and intentions:

Top row:
  • yellow stretch cotton poplin - blouse
  • rayon-Lycra knit - top or dress
  • teal striped cotton shirting - blouse
  • yellow rayon-Lycra modal - cowl neck top (McCall's 6078)
  • teal acrylic knit - cardigan
Bottom row:
  • black stretch cotton twill - pants
  • teal worsted wool suiting - jacket (Jalie 2599)
  • wool tweed - skirt (New Look 6274) - done
  • dark gray wool suiting - skirt (Colette 1009)
  • black poly-wool blend - skirt (BWOF 09-2009-137)
I have other fabrics and patterns to include, but I will stick to this set first. Ultimately, I would like to sew the Lady Grey coat and I know it, along with the Jalie jacket, will take a lot of time to fit and sew.

Is anyone else planning to do a 6PAC? I saw that Carolyn posted her fall 6PAC intentions. Come on! Sew one, sew six! =)



  1. Love the blouse and fabrics!!! Jealous of the time you can commit to sewing! I live vicariously through you.

  2. I avoid collar stands like the plague. LOL!
    WOW with all your pintucking. Lookin' good!

  3. I just found your blog through MPB! I look forward to following your sewing adventures. The idea of making 6 garments that coordinate is both fascinating and daunting. Your choices are gorgeous. BTW the pic taken with Peter in Spandex World is priceless.

  4. I'm drooling over your fabric. Beautiful choices.


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