15 September 2011

Still Breathing!

School started for me last week and I've been busy and exhausted. Is it too early to already look forward to the next break? =)

On the sewing front, I haven't worked on my fall 6PAC much at all. I have a plan and love my colour palette, but I just haven't been motivated to move forward with it. I want to make several pairs of slacks using using my trouser draft. But, I've run into problems with drafting the fly front and contour waistband; something just doesn't look right. Hmph. I'll get back to it...eventually.

So instead of forging ahead, of course I worked on other things. =) I made the infamous DKNY cowl-neck dress (V1250). I don't have any pictures yet; I hope to take and post some soon. I also made a muslin for the Lady Grey coat. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pattern fit quite well right out of the envelope. I didn't need an FBA or swayback adjustment. I only needed to remove a bit of length from the front lapel and upper center back. I've already cut out the shell fabric and will begin work on basting the hymo hair canvas to the front. (I'm following Gertie's series of tailoring techniques from last year's Lady Grey sew along.)

So, that's it for now.

Be well.


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