05 October 2011

APB: Missing Sewjo.

I am putting out an alert for a missing sewjo. If you see it, catch it and hold it down for me. I'll be on the way...

School is seriously draining this semester. It's only been four weeks and I am burned out! By the time I get home, I am on relax-mode and in no mood to sew. It sucks because I really need clothes - especially skirts. Yes, that's right: skirts. The skirts I made this summer for fall are now too big. That's a good thing since I am toning up and dropping a few pounds, but that leaves me with a hole in my wardrobe.

I did begin work on the Lady Grey coat. I made the muslin, cut out all of the pieces and am in the process (whatever that means) of hand-basting hair canvas to the fronts. I was hoping to have it done before it got too cold to wear it. Meh...we'll see about that. We have a break coming up (hallelujah), so maybe I can get some sewing done then.

While this coat will take some time to complete, I need something quick and easy to do. Thing is, I'm stalled by indecision on what to do. Hah!

What do you do when your sewjo goes missing?


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