09 October 2011

Just When My Sewjo Made a Comeback...

...my serger decided to take a break...literally. Freakin' serger. That's it. I'm done.

I am quite certain that the arm attached to the lower looper shouldn't move freely. But since it does, the stitches are sporadically uneven and sloppy. I know I can finish the edges on my sewing machine, but why should I if I have a machine that cuts and does it for me?! I am annoyed. Grrr.

What serger to get now? Do you have a serger? If so, what's your experience?



  1. How frustrating to have your serger go. I have a Pfaff hobbylock which I love. I would recommend getting a serger from a dealer who can give you a demonstration of the features of the serger and let you try it out before you buy.

  2. If you don't want to spend a fortune, consider an older, simple serger. I bought a brother for $80 that was about 15 years old and worked like a dream until the power cord went kaput. Since it would cost more than the serger did to replace it, I moved on and now have aquired a 15 year old Bernina Bernette which is also serges like a dream and cost me next to nothing. If you just want to do simple serging and nothing more, save yourself a bundle and buy a good, used machine.

  3. I've got a Singer which is the lowest priced one that I know about and it has work very well for almost 5 years.

  4. Is that BabyLock calling your name????


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