18 October 2011

Serger Update & the Next Project

Last week, I took my serger into the shop with the intention of leaving with something new and shiny. While I did consider getting a Babylock, I just couldn't reason parting with 4 figures on another machine. (Sorry Kyle!) I am having mechanical failures of all sorts and have to prioritize at the moment.

After explaining the issue to my dealer, she said that she will have the repairman evaluate the machine and see if it's worth fixing. If it is, he'll fix it. If not, they'll let me know. It turns out that the issue was fixable. The repairman tightened the lower looper arm, adjusted the tensions, reset the timing (again O_o), cleaned the machine, and gave me a six-month warranty. If the machine acts up again within six months, then I can apply the repair cost toward the cost of a new machine.

I'm not going to wait six months to see if this damn thing is going to act right. So my next project will be labour intensive with hefty fabric. Yes, I am making another pair of jeans! I've already cut out the pieces and am thinking of designs for the pockets.

Many thanks to all who left comments and suggestions on sergers.

If you hear of a woman chucking a white object over the Ambassador Bridge, it was me sending my serger to a watery death in the Detroit River!



  1. Lol on the babylock!
    I hope your fixed machine works! sounds like you will give it a good workout!

  2. Have you seen office space yet? There is a scene in the movie where they beat the living crap out of a printer. That's the picture I got in my mind when you said you were going to throw the thing off the bridge.


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