23 November 2011

Jeans #5 & #6 Progress

As part of the Jeans Sew Along, I decided to tackle sewing two pairs at once.    Aside from having to change the topstitching thread between each pair, the whole process is going rather well.  I'm about half-way through completing both and hope to have them done in time for the weekend.

For #5, I am using a super dark blue (maybe black?) stretch denim from the stash.  This denim has more stretch than I prefer, so I am sewing with a larger seam allowance.  Plus since I lost more weight, the pattern I'm using doesn't quite fit anymore.  For #6, I am using a dark blue non-stretch denim, also from the stash.  Since the denim doesn't have any stretch, I added extra to the seam allowance for fit.  Bad idea!  These jokers are ginormous!  I will probably end up taking off an inch from the side seam to get these to fit.

I've lost twelve pounds since the end of August and it shows.  I took my measurements over the weekend and saw that I lost two inches off my hips and waist.  Losing off the waist is okay, the hips...ummm...I like my curves.  I won't do anything drastic, though.  I am happy to say that my lips, hips, and ass are cement free.  Wow. 

Of course this means I need to update several patterns to reflect my new size.  I will re-trace the jeans pattern and try to make another pair during semester break.  I will also have to re-trace my favourite skirt patterns and get cracking on making some new ones since the ones I made this summer no longer fit.  My friend suggested that I take them apart and make them smaller.  Um....thanks...but it would be much easier to just make another skirt.  Anyone who's seen my basement knows that I am not short on fabric!  Hopefully when school is over soon, I will have more time to focus on revamping and refitting some of my patterns.

Here are some photos of #s 5 & 6 in progress:

 non stretch denim with gold topstitching

 stretch denim with black topstitching and crystal design

Until next time, be well!



  1. The jeans are progressing along nicely and really like the crystal design. Ok... what in the heck is going on.... cement concoction in the tush... oh my.

  2. oh this is interesting!

    I'm working on my first pair of jeans & I'm scared!


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