13 November 2011

SWAP 2012

It's that time again for the annual SWAP (Sewing With a Plan) contest on Stitcher's Guild and the rules are simply divine! Last year's contest was an utter failure as many people had good intentions (myself included), but only two (yes, TWO) people finished. The rules for last year's contest centered around techniques and each garment had to focus on a technique that was new to you or not totally mastered. While it was made clear that one could use the same technique on as many garments as desired, the general sense was that people were overwhelmed with the requirements.

This year, however, the rules center around fit and developing tried-n-true patterns. The focus is less on coordinating and outfit-building and more on working on one or two key patterns from a certain group to fit your body. To quote DragonLady from Stitcher's Guild:

"This year, our SWAP will focus on fitting, and making tried-and-true patterns: testing and fitting paper patterns, muslins, and fashion garments that will help lower the overall sewing failure rates, result in fabulous clothing to be proud of, and (hopefully) give every contestant a pattern or two that works every time it is used."

The rules are simple: Choose seven garments from the list below. Of these seven, select four to make twice for a total of eleven garments. The four garments you choose are thought to be the patterns you make tried-n-true.

Button down shirt w/collar
blouse or shirt (collar is optional)
shorts or capris
jacket (jean jacket, windbreaker, hoodie, etc.)
coat (suit or sport coat)
overcoat or raincoat
bathing suit or coverup

How can I not be excited about this?! Since fitting woven tops/jackets has been the bane of my sewing existence, I am determined to see this SWAP through. I have a bodice and pants sloper and even more knowledge about fitting.

Tentatively, my plan is as follows:

2 button down shirts with collar
2 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of trousers
1 or 2 jackets
1 shirt
1 or 2 skirts
1 coat or 1 vest

As for colour schemes, I'm still not sure of what to do. I seem to run into roadblocks when it comes to coordinating fabrics. I do okay with three or four garments, but eleven? Not so much. After perusing my closet, I noticed that I have a lot of gray pants and skirts. So, my current thought is to center the bottoms around browns and build from there.

Even though the contest starts in December, we can sew up to two garments before then and make mock-ups of everything else. Also, the fabric can be prepared and cut prior to the start date. The Jeans Sew Along is timed perfectly since I can complete two of the eleven garments now and focus my attention of fitting and sewing the trousers, blouses, and jacket.

I made a mock-up of a BWOF pattern and am really pleased with the fit. I cut a straight 40 (gasp!) and only had to tweak a couple of areas. I cut out a second muslin to re-check the fit and if all goes well, I will prepare and cut my luscious wool. More on that later!

Until next time, be well!


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