28 December 2011

Tying Loose Threads

Before I post my 2011 sewing in review, I wanted to settle up the sewing for this year.

McCall's 5847
I finally finished the second version of this dress!  After hanging in my closet for five months, I attached the final button last week. 


Eventually I'll get pictures while wearing the dress.  Unless I make a long-sleeved top to go with it, I'm not wearing this until Spring. 

Jeans #6
Even though I took this photo a week ago, the jeans have been complete since the beginning of the month.  I just wasn't in a mood to smile here.  

Simplicity 2396
After cutting out the pieces for another skirt, I had about 5/8-yards left over.  Since the piece was oddly shaped and not quite enough to make another skirt, I decided to make a tote bag.

Fabric & Notions:
  • 1/2 yard gray wool suiting
  • 1/2 yard cotton floral print
  • 1/2 yard cotton flannel
  • fusible interfacing
  • 1" button
The tote/purse was very easy to assemble and wears comfortably on my arm.  The only change I would make is to cut the inner top band out of the same material as the outside.  The lining is very visible from the outside and I didn't even think about it until after the bag was completed.

Non-sewing bits...

@Kyle:  Thanks for the well-wishes.  =)  EyeCandy was not at the rink on Friday, but he was there on Monday.  He's relegated to being eye-candy because he's married.  Actually, he's just been demoted to CuteJerk because he's incredibly rude!  I was talking with a friend and he rolls up in the middle of us to speak to the guy and shake his hand.  I gave him the oh no you didn't look and he rolled away. 

@Sheila:  You were right.  My headache was definitely caused by sinus problems.  After speaking with the nurse in my doctor's office, she tried to tell me it was a migraine.  I told her that I thought I had a sinus infection because the area around my eye was tender and had been weeping for two days.  She insisted that I was suffering from migraines.  Not paying any attention to her, I made some pure ginger tea, put a hot compress on my face, and rested.  The next day, the infection drained from my sinuses, my eye stopped weeping instantly, and the headache went away.  Let this be a lesson in knowing your body!

Up next:  Sewing in Review 2011 and the 3rd garment of my SWAP complete!



  1. Glad you were able to finish your dress and a long sleeve tee would make it so winter perfect. Actually The Loft has a great sale on long sleeve tees $19.50 with 50% off and in a nice array of colors.

    Cute bag and my plan is to try handbags in 2012.

    So glad the headache is gone and isn't it such a relief. I am prone to headaches and finally learning to differentiate between a sinus & migraine headaches, although I rarely have the pain around my eyes, just a massive throbbing in my head.

  2. The top stitching is AWESOME on that dress. YEA for finishing it.

    Oh well for EyeCandy.

    Here's to a HEALTHY new year!!

  3. I was just thinking of you today, and here you are! Happy New Year to you, these last few projects are so great... good for you for knocking those UFOs out of the way before 2012! And all those jeans, you look fantastic!


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