22 December 2011

YSG: Ramblings

1.  On not blogging for two weeks...

I've been really busy and very tired.  The beginning and end of the semester is always busy for me and this semester was no different.  Plus, I had doctor's appointments, court, jury duty, and I've recently restarted doing volunteer work.  Every day of my calendar had several things scheduled; I even had to pencil in 'rest' on a couple days. 

2.  This week, I went in for a medical procedure and am recovering from that.  Let me just say that some pharmaceuticals are amazing and very scary.  I was given a sedation drug that caused me to be conscious during the procedure.  The scary (or good?) thing is I have zero recollection of the procedure.  My friend told me that I was talking with the doctor and nurses during the process and even debated the doctor about the areas of my body being fat versus muscle (a very funny exchange as I am told).  I do not remember ANY of this at all.  I don't remember feeling any pain during the procedure - despite my many verbal complaints of being in pain.  I don't know what kind of voodoo was going through my veins at the time, but that is some scary shit.  Anyway I am home, rested, and feeling better.  I still have some minor pain, but I am mobile. 

3.  I got another jury service questionnaire.  I haven't even been paid for last week's service.

4.  Today is the winter solstice. Yay!  The earth now starts her glorious tilt back toward the sun tomorrow.  Mmm...heat...

5.  I cut out all of the pattern pieces, linings, and interfacing for several of my garments in the SWAP. 

6.  Upon cutting out the jacket pieces, I realize that I made a stupid alteration error that I hope won't be too visible in the final garment.  Of course, I don't have any more fabric to re-cut the piece.  Oh well.

7.  I picked up 5 of the 12 pounds I lost.  Stupid thanksgiving holiday and all those delicious sweets.

8.  I finished jeans #6 a while ago.  The button tack popped off sometime last weekend and I have yet to replace it.  Since I plan on wearing the jeans tomorrow, I guess I should look for another tack.

9.  If you haven't watched The Cleveland Show's parody of Die Hard (fabulously titled Die semi-Hard), watch it on Hulu.  Very funny.  I wish Family Guy would return to its comedy roots.

10.  I hope EyeCandy is at the rink tomorrow. This guy is sooooooo handsome.   

11.  Hmm.  Admittance to the rink is free tomorrow and I know it's going to be crowded.  Since I still have a bit of pain, I better take it easy and not get too wild out there.

12.  I'm really enjoying my volunteer group.  So far, it seems like a nice group of people.  I'm looking forward to meeting up with them in January. 

13.  I have about 15 pieces of pottery that need to be glazed.  I can't decide on a colour scheme for my dishes, lantern, or pedestal bowl.

14.  I've had a headache since Monday night.  Tylenol does nothing.

15.  This dog's snoring is epic.

16.  I keep waking up at 3 and 4am.

17.  Newton Leroy Gingrich.  Le-roy??  Too easy.

That's it for now.  I hope everyone is well.  Have a happy and safe holiday season!



  1. Awww about #2 and #14. Hope you're all fixed up now!!
    And yes, go to the rink for #10. Sounds like the medicine you need!

  2. Hope you are feeling better and hoping your holiday was joyous. Regarding the headache try a sinus/allergy pill. I had a headache for several days and really wasn't experiencing any sinus issues.. just the headache. Well I figured what could it hurt and took a sinus/allergy and poof the darn headach was gone.


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