17 September 2011

Vogue 1250: Complete

This dress is super simple to make and extremely flattering. The front drape isn't too risque and the fit is superb. I knew I was going out on Friday and wanted something cute and special to wear. I made a mock-up last weekend, cut it out on Tuesday and finished the hems by Thursday. The dress really doesn't take that long to make; I just had to spread out my sewing time over a few days.

Fabric & Notions:
  • 2 yards of navy blue ponte knit from Fashionista Fabrics

I traced a size 14 everywhere except in the bust and upper waist area near the side dart seam; in these areas I morphed out to a size 16 to allow for more room. The mock-up showed the need for only a couple of small changes.

  1. I removed two inches of length in the front length because it was too long and created unsightly folds in the waist and high hip area.
  2. I also did a 1.5" swayback adjustment because fabric was pooling at my center back. In hindsight, I should have just taken out the length completely across the back pattern piece because the horizontal seam at the back is actually a bit too low. I'll correct this on future versions.
  3. I shortened the dress about 1.5" and took a 1" hem.
  4. Finally when I cut out the fashion fabric, I placed the center front slightly inward from the fold. This gave me little more room across the front in case I needed it.
Construction Details:

I sewed this mainly on my sewing machine using a stretch needle, walking foot, and small zig-zag stitch. I used my serger to finish only the shoulder seams and horizontal/vertical back seams. My serger did NOT like working with ponte knit. In fact, I think my serger and I must part ways because it's been fussing about a whole lotta shit for no good reason. I love my Janome, but we're at an impasse and I'm over it. =)

The pattern has a piece for a back neck facing. You're supposed to fold the rectangle in half, stitch it to the back neck edge, and then understitch. My knit was mildly beefy and I thought all that fabric would be too thick at the back. So, I cut the facing in half and stitched it down. While this did reduce bulk, next time I'll omit the facing and just turn the seam allowance under and coverstitch.


In all, I am very pleased with my dress. I got a nice compliment from my guy friend and I felt really good wearing the dress last night. Busty chicks have no fear! This pattern is a winner. =)

Up next: Lady Grey coat and something else. Y'all know I can't just work on one thing at a time.

Be well!


15 September 2011

Still Breathing!

School started for me last week and I've been busy and exhausted. Is it too early to already look forward to the next break? =)

On the sewing front, I haven't worked on my fall 6PAC much at all. I have a plan and love my colour palette, but I just haven't been motivated to move forward with it. I want to make several pairs of slacks using using my trouser draft. But, I've run into problems with drafting the fly front and contour waistband; something just doesn't look right. Hmph. I'll get back to it...eventually.

So instead of forging ahead, of course I worked on other things. =) I made the infamous DKNY cowl-neck dress (V1250). I don't have any pictures yet; I hope to take and post some soon. I also made a muslin for the Lady Grey coat. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pattern fit quite well right out of the envelope. I didn't need an FBA or swayback adjustment. I only needed to remove a bit of length from the front lapel and upper center back. I've already cut out the shell fabric and will begin work on basting the hymo hair canvas to the front. (I'm following Gertie's series of tailoring techniques from last year's Lady Grey sew along.)

So, that's it for now.

Be well.


02 September 2011

I Know the Way to San Jose (photo heavy)

Last Thursday, I ventured out to visit my dear friend in San Jose, Costa Rica. Words are simply incapable of describing the wonderful time I had experiencing the sights, sounds, and tropical smells of Costa Rica with my friend. Having never been to the tropics before, this trip was pure delight! Many thanks to Nelly and Ago for their generosity, kindness, and hospitality. Love to you!!

This picture was taken while flying over Cuba. I *heart* window seats.

This is a walking tree.
The roots originate on the branches and extend down to the ground.
Over time, the tree's position is altered by "walking."

The plant life is divine.
This is just one of the MANY pictures of plants that I took.

Main crater at the Poas Volcano (Volcan Poas)
The crater is still active as evidenced by the sulfuric acid mixed lagoon (light teal blue) and steam.

Ago, Nelly, and me
The day was picture perfect and very clear!

One of the many meters of paths we walked on the volcano.
The air was pure, cool, and damp. Simply perfect.

Inactive crater at Poas Volcano
Since the magma chamber is empty/inactive, water has filled the crater.

I know I'm short and all, but this was huge plant!

Yes, that is a live toucan giving me the stink eye while sitting on my arm.

Awwwwww...kissing toucans.

Nelly at the butterfly garden.

Feeding a hummingbird in the garden.

Cataracts at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.
Three waterfalls are apart of the gardens.
The first waterfall feeds the second, and the second feeds the third.
Sensory. Overload.

Nelly and me at the volcano thermal spa.
The pool in which we sat contained volcano water with lots of minerals.
Skin so silky smooooooth.

Gotta keep it real!

Gilberto, our tour guide at the park. He was so sweet!

Blue-crowned mot mot
Look at the colours on this bird! This was taken on the patio of my friend's apartment.
The black beads are regurgitated bugs. The bird wanted papaya instead. I don't blame him.

New cathedral in Cartago, CR.
The church was reconstructed after the 2009 earthquake.
Out of respect for the church and those praying inside, I did not take any pictures.
Take my word, it was beautiful inside.

Ruins of the old church.
This is a partially constructed church. It's my understanding that the church wasn't completed because the Virgin Mary didn't like its location.

Parting shot of a volcano and mountains from the airplane.

You know I had to be true to myself. =)
All are stretch cottons except for the chartreuse.
This piece is for my friend, Nelly, who would like it made into a scarf.

Each issue was about $5.

Really cute purse made out of coconut.

The colòn is the national currency. About 500 colones is one US dollar.
This bill, 2000 colones, is about four dollars.

I have many, many more pictures. This is just a small collection that summarizes the trip. In all, I had a fabulous time and do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Until next time, be well!



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