22 January 2012

Has it Been Two Weeks?

Yeesh. It seems like whenever school resumes, not only am I super busy, I am super sick too! Two (yes 2!!) days into the new semester, I came down with a nasty cold. Sore throat, headaches from Hades, and sinus pressure that was unbearable. I went through a box and half of Kleenex. TMI? Sorry. Needless to say, during that time I did not do much sewing. I haven't worked on my jacket since re-setting the sleeves.  But now that I'm feeling MUCH better and can comfortably breathe out of both nostrils, I'm back on the sewing block.

Jacket progress:
Since the jeans contest on PR ends on 15 Feb, I decided to postpone construction of the Jalie jacket until after I complete the contest.  I need to assemble the lining, sew on the facings and attach it to the garment. 

Jeans progress:
I cut the fabric for two more pairs of jeans.  I wracked my brain for a two days on how to design the pockets. I've got a couple of ideas, but I don't know if I'll have the time to implement them fully.  I really want to return to sewing for the SWAP and since we have midterms coming up soon, time might be an issue.

Two more versions of New Look 6648:
I managed to squeak in two more versions of this top.  I *love* this pattern.  It's my new go-to option when I need a new top. It's really quick to make and very comfortable to wear.  Even though I already had plans to make more versions of this pattern, I moved them up in the queue in response to a comment by one of my friends at the rink.  He said, "You're looking good as usual...even in last year's clothes."


Ummmmmm....thank you?  I laughed so hard when he said that, he probably thought I was a lil' cray-cray. 

I used rayon jersey for both tops and didn't bother with gathering the lower hem band.  Is it me or do I look a little 'storm-trooper-ish' in the first picture?  =)

Ugh.  I have to grade papers and do a host of other things.  If I manage my time right, I can get a lot done before the football games start today.  I'm a die-hard Lions fan, but since they're not in the playoffs I'm rooting for the Giants.  After they humiliated the Packers last weekend, I want them to go all the way.  Part of me wants to see another Giants-Patriots rematch in the Superbowl.  Then again, I cannot stand the Patriots and would do a happy dance if they were eliminated by the Ravens.

Until next time, be well!



  1. Yuck, sorry about your cold! The beginning and end of the semester is such a horrible time to be sick! Love the tops, I don't see a storm trooper anywhere!

  2. Glad you are better! Love your tops. Why is it that what ever I see someone else make - I need one too???

  3. Thanks for recommending the New Look top pattern. I have made one version already ( after seeing YOUR first version) and am planning on at least one more. Love your blog and your style.


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