26 January 2012

What should I wear?

Kristine from Just Keep Sewing sent me a link to the Fashion in Detroit runway show coming up in March.  This could not have been timed more perfectly as I recently developed the desire to go to glitzy affairs.  I don't know where this is all coming from, but for some reason I want to get all dolled up and prettified.

 The event with afterglow appears to run from 12p - 9p   What do I wear to one of these?  Should I plan for fashion show and afterglow with separate garments?  I need something relatively quick to make since time will be an issue.  I perused my pattern stash and came up with these.

Christine Jonson 630

Butterick 5559
Vogue 1250

Simplicity 2473

Vogue 8379

Fabric choice is important too. The fact that the event spans lunch and dinner makes me think that I have to pick something that works in both settings. Ugh. So many options!


  1. B5559 Definitely. I love a body hugger. And bling it out!

  2. So excited about this event! I am whipping up a sleeveless sheath in that fabulous black lace, using McCalls 6505. Just got invited to another "event" for this Saturday, so I'm working quickly...

  3. I'm in MI also. Hope you and Kristine have a fabulous evening!

  4. I've sewn 3 of your 5 choices above....I'm going to think about this and get back to you!!

  5. I like S2473... the sleeveless version and can imagine it in a stretch satin.


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