02 March 2012

Comments on J2559 (suit jacket)

Thank you all for taking the time to comment on my post about the Jalie jacket.  I appreciate the support and encouragement. 

Serenity Love said:
I wouldn't call it a fail... per se'... I would just say that you made that for someone else.

I *love* this attitude.  From this point on, garments that are no longer meant for me will be those made for someone else. =)

Alethia said:
I know that feeling when you put so much effort into a garment only to have a fail garment. Give yourself a break, the jackets looks good, on the bright side there was a lesson learned " the fabric choice" is one of the most important aspect of sewing. I know that feeling, because I've made the same mistake.

Definitely!  This was a lesson learned in fabric choice - and not just for this pattern.  I will be much more aware of the suggested fabrics and choose wisely next time.

Faye said:
So sorry your project did not turn out as you planned! 

Thanks Faye!  It's not the first, and it most certainly won't be the last.

Mainelydad said:
I think you're being much too harsh on yourself. Don't worry about the collar points. They are never going to be perfectly sharp when using a heavier wool fabric. Just trim and clip your seams to reduce as much bulk as you feel safe doing. If the lining isn't in yet you could always re-sew the lapels and round off the corners. I went back and read your welt pocket post. How about adding a button to hold the flap down. That would keep everything concealed. At any rate please don't beat yourself up too much about this. I blame the pattern companies that lead us to believe we can make a tailored garment without having to do the actually tailoring. 

Thank you so much for your response.  I trimmed and clipped the seams so that the bulky areas would lay as flat as possible.  The lining is in, but I have yet to press or topstitch the facing area.  I was just so disappointed with the fit, I stopped working on it.  I thought about adding a button to the pocket flaps to keep them down.  This pattern can probably be made of a beefy wool, but I am not that experienced in proper tailoring to make it work.  I used a weft interfacing on the fronts, facings, and pretty much everywhere else.  In hindsight, it was just too much - especially in the seam allowances at the collar points.  It's a great lesson learned!

Again, many thanks to all!

As for now, I am working on McCall's 6279.  More on this soon!


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