04 March 2012


It's official.  Faye's dressapalooza bug bit me.  I've been pulling and coordinating dress patterns and fabric like crazy.  I can't get dresses off of my mind!

I made a couple of muslins but something just doesn't feel right.  I cut a straight 16 and added two inches to the bodice to lower the empire seam.  The front fits wonderfully, the back?  Not so much.  It gapes in a weird way and the shoulder straps keep falling off in the back.  I thought raising both the front and back necklines would solve the problem, but it didn't and I haven't been able to identify how to fix it.  So, this pattern is on hold.

I made a few muslins of this dress two years and fifteen pounds ago.  It didn't fit that well back then, but now I love it.  I will probably make this out of the red, black and white floral print as well as a solid linen.

I made muslins of this too a couple of years ago and found the back to be too tight.  I can't find the muslin, but I am hopeful that it fits much better now.  I plan to make this out of the black, yellow, and white floral print with yellow piping.

My inspiration?

When I saw this on The Sew Weekly blog, I knew I HAD to have it.  I already have the polka dot fabric, black cotton for the bodice, and the pattern.  How could I not work this into the rotation??  

I remember trying on the actual Muse dress on my snoop shopping adventure with Melody in 2010.  I already know that I need to fiddle with the neckline and shorten it a bit.


I made the pattern adjustments (to be detailed in a subsequent post) and have cut out the muslin.  I just need to put it together.  If the fit is good, I'll make this out of a red silk suiting.

This is the first dress in progress.  I'm making it out of a rust-orange linen blend and am opting not to line it.  I made a few minor adjustments (also to be shared in a dedicated post) and tested the changes in muslin.  I am satisfied with the fit and like how it looks so far.

As you can see in my picture, the dress frenzy is here to stay!  Since making that picture, I have pulled out even more patterns and fabric.  I owe all of the upcoming crazy to Faye!!  Well, maybe not all.  I have to lend credit to some other folks too:  Susan, Kyle, Kristine, Sheila (what happened to your blog??!!), Cenetta, Trinicity, Rachelle, Carolyn, and RuthieK.  I am inspired by your stylish dress creations and want to join the club!



  1. Glad to be of assistance!!! You've got a real live DRESS PALOOZA planned there. Your plans are making it hard for me to resist, although I've still not completely gotten over my own Palooza. Mmmmm, I think I feel some dresses coming on...

  2. Great line up of dresses and thanks for the shoutout. I must say Faye was definitely a contributor to my dress binge. My blog is in transition, I finally got a domain name. I was freaking out, but now it seems to up and viewable.

  3. I love dresses too! :) Thanks for the shoutout!
    I love the S2473, one of my fav dresses of all time. I also love the S2406. I want to make that NL6968 sometime this spring/summer.

    So wait, what happened with the dress you were going to make for the event you were going to that would last day into evening? Did you try the B5559?

    Hope you are feeling great today--have an awesome Thursday!!


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