23 March 2012

M6279: Update + Dressing for the Weather

Thanks to all who shared their comments about dressing for the season versus the weather.  While the weather is still rather warm for this year, I am not giving up my boots, coat, or long sleeves just yet.  Having lived in Michigan most of my life, I am certain of two things:  (1) we will always get 3 out of 4 seasons, (2) those 3 seasons could span a single 24-hour period.

Oh my.  An ice cream truck just drove down my street.  It's still March.  Wow.


I'm almost finished with the trench dress. There are several mistakes on this dress that could have been avoided had I not sewed while distracted.  Lesson learned!  First while stitching the facing, I didn't follow the pattern instructions properly and missed the part where you're supposed to stop and attach the collar. Oops. 

Next, I stitched the facing all the way to the lower edge, again missing an important part of the instructions.  I was supposed to turn the facing back onto the front (right sides together) and stitch horizontally above the hem create a nice hidden edge.  Needless to say, I didn't notice that I completely botched this part until after I trimmed the lower edge and turned the facing back in.  I didn't take any pictures; trust me, it was a mess.  To fix it, I serged off almost all of the hem allowance; there was no other way to make it work.  The inside isn't neat and the hem is very short.  Oops.

Finally, I think I should have followed the pattern instructions and used the interfaced fronts on the outside.  The un-interfaced fronts are so flimsy and do not hold the front well at all.

I am determined to finish this dress.  I am even considering starting over from scratch.  That's how bad I want this to work!  I'm going to work the buttonholes this weekend and see how it looks.  If it's all good, then I'll go forward with finishing.  If not, I very well may donate this version and start over. 



  1. I am in MI also--south of Pt. Huron. I just yesterday put winter clothes away and got out summer things. Except for coats--they are still ready to go. Just in case. I've seen people lined up at the DQ wearing shorts! Crazy!

  2. So sorry for the "song stuck in your head" problem. I looked it up and found out that it's called an "earworm" - how nasty huh? I take total responsibility for interrupting your dress fling, but thank you so much for joining in on the fun! It's only 15 days and doesn't start until April 1st. You can sew dresses all this week.(lol)
    I just sent out your invite by email. When you respond to it - you are official in. Can't wait to see your spring tops!

  3. Why can't I remember your name??? I refer to you as L. Can you let me know, I want to put your name on the front page of the blog under participants.

  4. I enjoy following your blog, and have just passed on the Leibster Award on my blog to you...enjoy!!!


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