04 April 2012

McCall's 6279: Complete (sort of)

I sewed on five of the twelve buttons and don't like how the dress fits.  I like the look, but there is a lot of pulling across the chest - a lot more than what I saw in the muslin.  I can't stand for my bra to show from the side and you can clearly see it in the second picture.  I am going to make a small FBA and take some of the extra width out of the side seam below the bust.

Additionally, there's some weird pooling of fabric near the lapel/collar area.  No amount of steaming, pressing, or attempting to turn cloth helped fix this issue.  I suspect the problem has something to do with the interfacing application and attaching the facing to the front.  As you can see, the problem appears on both sides.  Grr.

 I'll take the buttons off and save them for the second version.


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