08 May 2012

Thank You & S2473 Update

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to all who take the time to read and comment on my blog.  Although I may not address each comment individually, please know that I read (some times twice!) and appreciate them all! 

I am forging ahead with my dressapalooza and Simplicity 2473.  I cut out the pieces a couple of weeks ago and finally started working on it more recently.  Honestly, I could have gotten much further were it not for the myriad of mistakes.

When I made the FBA, I altered the front midriff band to match the width added on the bodice but I somehow neglected to add the width to the skirt.  I don't know why I didn't catch this in the muslin stage, though I think I may have done something different.  I am usually pretty good about writing down changes I made, but I guess I didn't this time.  Needless to say, it took some finagling to get the bodice to fit the skirt front. 
Assembling the skirt back was a pain in the @ss.  In the flared skirt version, the side back pieces look EXACTLY like the center back pieces - notches and all.   My saving grace?  I added an extra 1/2" of ease on the side seam for fit.  It took me no less than 30 swears minutes to figure out how to match the pieces.

Was that the end of the mistakes?  Nah...of course not!

Since I'm not following the instructions, I missed the part about interfacing the midriff band.  Of course this revelation came *after* I had completely assembled and serged the front and back.  Thankfully I had yet to put in the zipper.  I could have cut the interfacing without seam allowances and fused it to the already-assembled dress.  But I didn't.  Instead, I carefully picked apart each piece, applied the interfacing, and re-assembled the complete front and back.

Incidentally, Simplicity instructs you to completely sew the bodice, skirt, and then attach at the waist.  I prefer to sew the front and back in its entirety then, lastly, baste the side seams for fit.  This just makes more sense to me.

Hopefully I've gotten all of the mistakes out of my system for this dress.  I've cut out the lining pieces and started its assembly.  I also created interfacing patterns for the lining.  Instead of using facings, I fuse interfacing directly to the lining in high-stress areas.  I got this tip from a lady at Haberman Fabrics a couple of years ago.  I tried it on a lined, silk-cotton satin dress that I made (not blogged) two years ago.  The tip worked quite well.

That's all for now.  Be well everyone!



  1. It's really coming along!!! You are going to love it when it's done. I still love mine!
    I need to get back into sewing, I think it's been a month since I sew for real, but I'm in a total spring cleaning reorganizing mode...


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