05 June 2012

Two Weeks & Two Countries

I have a really good reason for bad blogging:  I spent two weeks in May traveling abroad.  For the first week, I was in the United Arab Emirates visiting a friend in Abu Dhabi and then traveling to Dubai.  During the next week, I traveled to the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy to visit another friend.

Initially, I was going to attend PR Weekend in NYC in May.  Rachelle (knitmachinequeen) and I were talking about driving in together.  At the time, I had to back out of the plan because I anticipated having to retain an attorney to help with a situation concerning a family member.  When the opportunity to visit two of my friends abroad came about, I decided to take it.  While the situation concerning my family member is still very much unsettled, I have reached the point where there is not much more I can do.  But that's another story for different day...


I left on Sunday, 13 May and returned Monday, 28 May.  I flew into Abu Dhabi, UAE via Amsterdam first.  One week later, I flew from Abu Dhabi to Milan, Italy and took a couple of trains to Cuneo.  I had a fantastic time and will share details and pictures in my next post.  For now, I am trying to get my sleep pattern back on schedule.  Being wide awake at 3a is no joke!

More later...


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  1. oooh!! can't wait to hear about your trip!!


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