05 July 2012

The Flag Skirt (New Look 6300)

I thought it was a good idea when I planned it:  pick three colours that coordinate with fabrics from my intended six piece wardrobe combination (6PAC) and make a colour-blocked skirt.  While putting the skirt together, I couldn’t help but think I was paying homage to some foreign country.  Out of pure curiosity, I consulted the Google and US State Department’s website and didn’t find anything.  On with the review...

 Fabric & Notions:
  • 7/8 yard of  golden yellow linen-rayon blend for the upper right front and back
  • 1/2 yard of teal linen-rayon blend for the upper left and lower right front
  • 5/8 yard of cream linen-rayon blend for the lower left front
  • 7-inch invisible zipper
  • 1-inch wide petersham cut to waist measurement plus extra for overhang 
(Note:  The yardages given are for 45" wide fabric.  My linen measured 60" and I have several sizable pieces left over.  It is certainly possible scale down the required amount of fabric.)


New Look 6300 is TNT for me.  I’ve made several garments from this pattern and always return to it when I need an A-line skirt in a flash.  I started with a size 16 and fit the hips and waist as I sewed. 


In the process of cutting out and assembling the pieces, I somehow got confused with "left" and "right" so my skirt is a vertical reflection of the line drawing.

I wanted every seam to be as flat as possible, so I finished the raw edges first before stitching.  I carefully pressed each seam open to keep the serged edge from showing on the right side.  I omitted the facings and opted to finish the waist with petersham as I have done in other skirts.  Finally, I sewed a blind hem since the lower edge of the skirt had multiple colours.


When I first finished the skirt, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it.  Having stared at it for a week now, it’s definitely grown on me and I can see working it into the 6PAC.

The 6PAC
For those that are unfamiliar with this concept, it’s a simple sewing plan that involves creating six seasonal garments in three months.  I don’t know what it is about this wardrobe plan/sew along, but I seem to do well with this concept.  I think the relaxed nature of the plan and extensive time designated to sewing it makes it easier for me.  More information and ideas can be found in this thread on Stitcher’s Guild (SG)

For the Summer 6PAC, I intend to complete the following garments:

New Look 6300 – colour-blocked skirt (complete)
Simplicity 2422 – black cotton jacket (75% complete)
Simplicity 2614 – yellow stretch cotton poplin (50% complete)
Vogue 1224 – floral rayon knit (muslin cut out)
McCall’s 6078 – floral rayon knit
New Look 6897 – teal linen skirt (cut out)

The idea is to extend these garments into the Fall 6PAC which includes some of the same colours.  I tried almost the same plan last fall but didn’t get around to finishing it.  I ran out of steam and decided to focus on other things.  When the Fall plans are posted on SG, I’ll update my tentative plan to reflect the garments needed.  I definitely plan to sew a couple pair of pants and finish my Lady Grey coat.

That’s all for now.  Until next time, be well!



  1. You go with the color blocking. Great job!

  2. What a super idea - a creative way to use up 6PAC leftovers in an 'in' way...

  3. Great color blocked skirt! Love the colors you selected too!

  4. Great color blocking. That's all the rage now, so you'll be right in style. Nice work.

  5. You did a great job color blocking and the skirt looks great.


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