20 July 2012


Many thanks to everyone who left a comment about my fabric fiasco.  It's only fabric and there are far worse things in the world.  I would have reached this conclusion eventually; wine just helped it along more quickly. =)

Faye said:  "I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I understand and feel your pain I hope you heal quickly! I'm thinking positively here, but maybe, just maybe your fabric source has more of the same. Might be worth a try."

I saw this fabric on both Fabric.com and Fabricmart last summer.  It went rather quickly and I doubt I'll be able to find it again.  It's no big deal.  I have LOTS of fabric and can try the dress again in something else.

Serenity said:  "Sorry about that. But it happens. Finish the sangria... Can't let good sangria go to waste!... Then re-cut it into a tunic or a top or something. Make a head wrap if you just can't figure something out. Never let adored fabric go to waste...."

Absolutely!  I thought about salvaging the skirt part, but I think it will be way too short.  So I think I might make some underwear out of what's left. 

Summer said:  "I don't know the fabric but could you piece a bit on the bodice to lengthen it? Hope you can save it."

We're on the same thinking-plane!  This was the first thing I tried using a small strip of left-over fabric.  The problem is that the seam needed to lengthen the bodice still hits me right in the middle of my chest.  It's not cute at all.

I have a former student who wants to learn how to sew.  She's about my height, but much smaller.  I emailed her to see if she would be interested in the dress.  If she wants it and I can size it down to fit her, then I'll complete it and give it to her.  She just can't wear it around me!  Hah.

Moving forward...

I have two projects to share but I need pictures.  I've even written the blog post, but without pictures what's the use?  Hopefully I'll get everything set up this weekend so that I can get some good shots.

Until next time, be well!  Thank you all again!


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