06 August 2012

2012 Dressapalooza: The End (for now)

The 2012 Dressapalooza has come to a close.  Even though I did not create all of the wonderful garments planned, I did attempt almost everything on my list.  With most of the patterns, I got stuck in the muslin phase without clear direction on how to proceed.

Here are the results for the patterns I tried:

Butterick 5350
The front fit reasonably well, but the back could not be reconciled.  The bodice neckline is designed to be 7 inches below the natural neckline.  I could not get this to work with the shoulder straps.  I tried raising the back and widening the straps.  It didn't work so I moved on.

Simplicity 2473
Done and I love it!  There are definitely more versions planned for the future.

McCall's 6279
The muslin I made last summer fit very well.  However when I went to make this up in my fashion fabric, the fit was all wrong.  Plus, I had some weird pulling near the neckline that I couldn't quite fix.  I'll try it again in a more stable fabric like denim, instead of the rayon-linen blend used in this attempt.

Butterick 5490
Of all of the dresses on my list, I was most excited about this one.  I had the perfect fabric and everything!  I got the bodice to fit very well, however the skirt just didn't look right on my body.  The lack of flare made it look as if I was swimming in cotton.  It wasn't a good look at all.  I might return to it next summer.

Vogue 1220
I had high hopes for this one and was really satisfied with the muslin.  The failure came with the fashion fabric being too stiff.  I used a cotton-lycra chambray that was just a hair softer than cardboard.  At first, I thought it would be okay, but upon trying on the dress after it was almost complete, I realized that this was not going to work.

I didn't attempt to make Butterick 5455 or Butterick 5353.  I tried both of these two years ago but have yet to work out the fit issues.  I ran out of steam and didn't even cut out the pattern pieces for Simplicity 2406 or New Look 6968.  McCall's 5847 is a TNT denim shirt dress pattern that I've made twice already.  I decided not to make another one.

So, that's it for Dressapalooza 2012.  Although I didn't finish everything, I made considerable progress on many patterns and learned even more about fitting.  Alas, Dressapalooza 2013 awaits!

Until next time, be well!

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  1. A Palooza is a Palooza - and you did a great job with the dresses you did make. I can feel a dress palooza coming on too - but I think I'll hold it until fall.


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