25 August 2012

Lady Grey Update

I've made considerable progress on my coat.  While this is no quick project, it can be done in a reasonable amount of time if you can get through all hand stitching.  Fortunately, it's a near-mindless task that can be accomplished by watching something on TV or online.  Anyway, here are some photos of what I've done so far.

Can you tell which side has the shoulder pad?  My lapels aren't as dramatic as those that are shown on the pattern envelope.  I thought they would be too big for my frame, though now I am not so sure.  Maybe I'll re-tape and tailor the roll line to create a bigger flap. 

Ugh!  I definitely have to reset that right sleeve.  I used sleeve heads to help gather the ease, but this side didn't turn out as nicely as the other.


The lining (flannel-backed satin)  is completely sewn, serged, faced, and hemmed.

I need to decide on the size of the shoulder pad.  As shown below, the purple one is much thicker.  When I tried them both on at the same time, I really couldn't discern much of a difference on how they affected the fit of the coat.  Any suggestions?


The only thing that's left to do is to tailor the collar, sew the facing/lining unit to the shell, and hem the coat!  Unfortunately, I had to suspend the project because I ran out of hair canvas and had to order some more from NYC.  I could have used the other piece of hair canvas I had on hand, but the weight was very different and had a measurable affect on how it interacted with the fabric.  My shipment arrived on Thursday, so I will resume work on the coat once I finish a pair of pants that I started in the interim.

That's all for now.  Be well!



  1. WOW! Ms. Gray is looking mighty nice. You are progressing wonderfully. I know how much work goes into tailoring that coat.

  2. I see you are busy making your Lady coat, but I'm feeling like I should take your challenge about the jeans. Maybe I'll work up a muslin - can't hurt huh? I've always said that I couldn't see myself making jeans. Should have gotten in on your sew-in last year, but of course I chickened out. It's that darned back yoke that scares me, oh yeah and the rivets - scared of those. Maybe I can make some rivetless jeans.

  3. Never mind - I've chickened out already. Maybe soon though!


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