13 August 2012

Pattern Giveaway

I first started sewing in the spring of 2004 while still living in NYC. My first sewing class, taken at a fabric store in Brooklyn, was taught be a self-described established tailor with more than 40 years of experience.  Upon entering the class, I was excited to learn how to make my own clothes.  The instructor was very good at describing how to use a sewing machine as well as how to read a pattern.  When it came to actually sewing the garment, she was moderately helpful in that her frustration with our newbie-ness sometimes surfaced.

I remember everything about the project except the pattern number.  It was a Butterick pattern that included pants, a skirt, jacket, and dress.  I no longer have the pattern; I think I sold it on PR or recycled it.  The fabric I used was a maroon polyester suiting that did not respond well to pressing.  The pattern called for a center back zipper, but since we were newbies, she had us extend the waist up a couple of inches and insert elastic.  Since I didn't know anything about pattern sizes, my skirt didn't fit.  It was way too big (she told me to buy a size 18) and formless.  I gave it away and vowed to never touch a sewing machine again. I don't give up that easily.  I bought a sewing machine later that year and never looked back.  Sewing is a part of my life and I hope to continue honing my skill, creating good-fitting clothes that I like, and forging new friendships with those who share the same sewing desires.

So what was your first pattern or sewing experience?  Share your story in the comments section by Monday, 20 August.  From the stories presented, I'll randomly select two people with which to gift three patterns of your choice - postage paid. Visit this link to view the patterns up for grabs. 



  1. My first sewing experience was year (or so it seemed!) of summer holidays of practising sewing straight lines on Mum's sewing machine. I graduated to hemming teatowels and making pillow cases (yay!) before I did the first ever assertive thing in my life: I found a summer holidays sewing course and told Mum I wanted to be booked into it. She did, because by then she had returned to work and didn't have time to teach me to sew herself. We made a skirt and a blouse from a commercial pattern and learned about pattern drafting. I still have the notes, although I don't use them. Mum was never very happy that they didn't emphasise enough to cut the loose threads and tidy the work up.
    I still don't do that very much!

  2. My first sewing experience can be found here... http://kreativehands.blogspot.com/2010/06/beautiful-nightmare.html
    I still have and love that dress.

  3. I learnt to sew in school. We had a subject called Home science and they taught you among other things, sewing, embroidery, fabric care, cooking, baking even contraception and reproduction!
    In the first year we sewed a sleeveless top and a pair of crude shorts for P.E.


  4. My first ever sewing experience was hand sewing a stuffed animal from printed fabric. The fabric had all of the instructions printed on it, and was the pattern in itself, with cutting lines and folding lines. The animal was a little tan colored bear. It turned out miserably, but I kept it for years anyway. I think I was about 8 at the time I made it.

    lady_ponies_23 AT hotmail DOT com

  5. I can so relate to your story! I started to sew a few years ago, but mostly for the home or my daughter. My first pattern was a shapeless easy dress that looked like a sack. I did not even finish it. Recently I tried again with a loose fitting top and finally figured out that I need a massive FBA or else I end up with a tent that has no shape. Recently I did my first FBA on a fitted dress and behold it was like magic! Finally things fit as they should! No more cutting a size 20!

  6. I know I am late to the party & congrats to the Winners, but wanted to share my lil story...teehee.

    I have been sewing for a very long time, but it was only home dec projects, curtains, pillow slips, etc. Never used a pattern, just straight off the cuff sewing.

    I learned how to sew garments 5 years ago and boy was it a big learning curve (pun intended)...lol. My first sewing project was a skirt. Purchased several patterns, and unbeknownst to me did not know that you do not select a pattern according to your actual size. Well, being so excited about sewing clothes, I forged ahead. I skipped all the markings that were noted on the pattern and sewed the front & back pieces of the skirt together. Well one can imagine the out come. A skirt that was to darn small.... lol. Lesson learned follow the instructions and purchased a ton of sewing dvds & books.


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