28 August 2012


1.  I love watermelon.
2.  Seriously.
3.  This is my fourth one in just under two weeks.
4.  I think I'm addicted.
5.  Watermelons are 92% water and 100% sweet goodness.
6.  If you know how to pick them.
7.  And I do.
8.  School starts next week.
9.  I am not ready.
10.  Moment of silence for the end of summer break.
11.  We have a new edition of the book.
12.  I am not a fan.
13.  I am eating watermelon right now.
14.  For real.
15.  I have to have everything prepared for school by Sunday.
16.  I need to finish my Lady Grey coat and muslins for my mini wardrobe.
17.  Did I mention I entered the mini wardrobe contest?
18.  My dog loves watermelon too.
19.  It's the closest to anything that remotely resembles meat she'll ever get in my house.
20.  Unless she finds another dead cat to play with.
21.  Don't ask.
22.  I should be doing work.
23.  I suppose I'll do some work.
24.  Then again. 
25.  Good night!

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