13 September 2012

Still Here & Sewing

This is only a quick update.  I've had a lot going on recently and have been dealing the best way I can.  Unfortunately, blogging had to be moved down on the list of things to do.  I intend to share my details about my sewing projects, but for now all I can do is post pictures. 

I hope to finish the mini wardrobe.  I've got two of four pieces done and will likely use a pre-owned piece as the fifth. 

Skirt:  I need to trim the lining on the skirt and hem it. 
Pants:  I need to add a closure to the front.
Knit top:  The top is cut out and just needs to be sewn.  I should be able to do that in a day.
Silk top:  I started cutting this out today.  I'll have to go slowly because the silk charmeuse tends to shift a lot.  I did some research on this fabric a few weeks ago, but somehow Firefox deleted my pinned tabs and I don't feel like scouring the net to find the information again.

I am very close to finishing the Lady Grey coat.  Padstitching the collar seemed like it took forever.  I won't resume work on the coat until after I finish the wardrobe.

That's it for now.  Be well everyone.



  1. The mini-wardrobe is coming together nicely! Take your time and it will be brilliant...

  2. re the silk top, several people have starched their silk, then cut out and sewn whilst it was starched, and then washed the garment at the end to get the softness back again. This is definitely something I would try myself.

  3. Good start to the mini-wardrobe.
    Take care, sounds like there's a lot on your mind right now.

  4. Looks great so far! Good Luck and keep trying...that's all we can do when we have very busy schedules.

  5. Your coat looks good even in the unfinished stage.


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