29 October 2012

Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

After my full seat alteration fail, I washed and dried more denim fabric to try V8426 again.  I just don't think this project was meant to happen right now.  I pressed out the wrinkles on the wrong side (this is an important fact) and laid out all of my pieces to cut.  When I started to pin the front pieces together in an attempt to sew, I just stared at the CF piece.  There is very noticeable and permanent vertical line traveling down the length of the piece.  Yes, you guessed it:  it's the fold line from the fabric.  I hate Joann's.  Really, I do.  Had I noticed it at the store, I never would have bought it.  Had I noticed it when I pressed out the wrinkles, I would have moved the CF in 5/8" and added a seam.  I thought about topstitching on the line, but I'm not sure how that will look since the other seams will be "raised."  I don't have enough width to cut on the line and make a seam since the skirt felt a little snug to begin with.  Sigh.

I am so done.



  1. Lynn I wouldn't even worry about it. I think you should still use it. How about distressing it some or even bleaching the entire skirt. As sewers we are sometimes too critical of ourselves. I wouldn't let it phase me at all and would rock it anyway.

  2. I've had the same fold lines in fabrics. Bummer. But, as jeans go, that fold line will eventually "melt" into the rest of the fabric.

  3. Sorry you are disappointed with the fold lines.... I would try KMQ's suggestion and try distressing the fabric.

  4. I'm wearing a pair of jeans I just sewed up yesterday and after the first wash (I don't prewash denim) I have.... you guess it, fold lines! AUGH! This often happens to me when I don't wash the jeans inside out, totally forgot last night to do that. It's especially pronounced when the back leg is wider than the front which means the pants don't fold flat on the seams. It folds and the folds get more wear in the wash than the flat. I find that using selvege denim does this less than the regular stuff which can do it in very unpredictable ways with strange diagonal lines. I just wear the heck out of them and the natural distressing usually overcomes the lines. That being said it's crappy to spend 5 hours sewing something that has (or will have) obvious discrepancies in the wear of the fabric. Hang in there, I feel ya!

  5. I wanted you to know that I did give your suggestion of flipping the skirts challenge over to a top challenge several days thought. I know we did that with pants and tops once before. I've decided that with my time management constraints I can't do it this time. BUT, AS ALWAYS thank you for ALWAYS participating in my funny little challenges. I do love you blog so much, and have learned so much from you/it. I'm so glad that we met - however virtually!


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