17 November 2012

Preliminary Pics of Lady Grey

I only have three pictures to share of my completed Lady Grey coat.  My colleague was on his way out the door and graciously offered to take a moment and snap some pictures.  When I have time to set up my tripod, I'll try to get more shots outside.


I love this pattern.  There are some areas that could use a bit of tweaking, but in all I am quite satisfied.  I thought I started a blog post reviewing the pattern alterations and sewing construction, but I can't find it.  Soooo....yeah.  I might just copy and paste what I've written in my pattern review.  =)

Until next time, be well!



  1. I really appreciate seeing pictures of your Lady Grey. She is beautiful too! I know for a fact that she is a real labor of love. You look sooooo cute and toasty too!!!

  2. Great coat L!!! Congrats on completing it.

  3. LG looks great on you and perfect winter coat.


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